Sunday, 6 April 2014

Sunday Wrap Up

Forgive me now if this Sunday Wrap Up comes across a bit sad. My husband has just left for Police College in Wellington where he will be training for the next four months, leaving me on my lonesome. I have been alone for an hour and a half now, and so far I have done two loads of washing and did a lot of walking around. I don't quite know what to do with myself!

But one thing I do know is that this blog shall continue, probably more-so now that I don't have to entertain Dean and I can just sit on my laptop for hours on end. Oh no, I might even start playing Neopets again.

It has been a funny week this week. In our home it felt like we were wrapping everything up before going on holiday, ya know how you get all the firewood sorted and make sure all the batteries are new and get all the washing done, that sort of thing? Only I'm not going anywhere, which will be nice but also a bit lonely. 

Anyways, enough of me blubbering on, we actually have two new people to join Pea Soup this week!
Please say hello to Katrina Ward from Don't Freak Outie and Rebecca Burgess from Do The Sums. I am actually thrilled to have a blog like Rebecca's on board which is all to do with book keeping and businessey money stuff that I know nothing about.

Next week I am off to Rippa Rugby (honestly, I don't know what that is either) but Princess Catherine and Prince William will be there! So I may just have some very royal snaps for you. I don't expect to meet them, but I am very glad my camera has a damn good zoom function. 
Will the royals be heading to your part of the country?

Please, if you could add my button to the sidebar of your blog, I would be ever so grateful. 

And other than that, keep up the blogging good work! I do check out your blogs almost daily to see what you write :)

Hayleigh xx

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  1. Dean will be about 15 minutes drive up the road from my place. I hope you'll get up to Wellington to visit and we can meet up for a coffee.