Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Post of the day - Socks

Happy first of April, did you get pranked this morning?

Dean didn't prank me but I always enjoy reading the April Fools article on the front page of the ODT, this year they were saying that the council had snuck water meters into our properties and we were going to be given only 6 L of water a day and then we would have to pay for the rest. It made me laugh, they write it so well!

But today's post of the day belongs to Emma for her fantabulous post about her socks. I also love socks and Emma's one are so cute! She has a fox on them. So I decided for fun to showcase some of my socks. I tend to buy them in packs which match but there are a few solo pairs too. 

My first pair and my stripey witchy socks because they are super long.

My second pair are my fluffy pink bed socks. These are also the socks I take with me into my university exams because they make me feel snuggly and relaxed.

These next socks are my swine-flu socks. My mum gave them to me around the time swine-flu was a big deal. And the pigs are pretty cool on them.

These socks are part of a threesome. I also have them in pink and purple. They have glitter on them in the grey area which is why I love them.

Ahhh my cute lacy frilly socks. I picked these up at Glassons last year. My aunty had given me a voucher for Christmas and it was about to run out. I had been in and out of the shop all year but couldn't stand any of their clothing. Eventually Dean suggested I spend the voucher on the accessories and it was a decision I do not regret.

And finally, my sheep toe socks. I got these from the souvenir shop at Aoraki Mount Cook when I use to work there. It was around this time in my photo shoot that I realised that animals play a bit part in my socks. I also have a pair from Australia that have koalas on them. Any who, as this moment hit me, Griffin arrived and wanted to sniff my socks. Then my ducks showed up because they assume when I am outside, I am outside to feed them. So then it really did become an animal affair! Sheep, cats and ducks.

And those are a selection of my socks! Do you also love socks? Do yours have a theme too?

Hayleigh xx


  1. I have to say I'm a disappointment to sock lovers everywhere. Mine tend to be short to go under trousers and plain black or white.

    1. You are a complete letdown Keryn! I joke; socks are suppose to be practical. Next time you buy some you should get black with white spots, liven things up a bit :)

  2. I feel a bit left out on the sock front now to be honest.

    1. If you need some sock inspiration, I suggest a trip to farmers. They are awesome with their sock range. Having said that, I did just pick up and awesome three-pack from the number one shoe warehouse at half price. And with winter just around the corner, there is no better time to jazz up your tootsies :)