Sunday, 13 April 2014

Post of the day - Happy days

Good evening lovelies,

I went on to Natalies blog today The Grand Optimist and I read her recent blog post with included a link to a 100 days of happiness challenge. And I thought, well ok, why not give it a go? And maybe you would want to aswell? Apparently 71% of people who try the challenge fail it cause they have no time or something. And I don't really like failing so I will do my best to complete it. 
You get to choose what platform to use and I picked Facebook because I can easily upload photos from my phone onto Facebook.

Also, someone else who is overly happy is Sarah from Oh The Things I Think because she did one of those colour runs where people throw colour at you and there are UV lights so it all shows up. Damn it looks fun! Shame the only thing in Dunedin we have close to it is that paint party that is on during O-Week. Drunk 18 year olds? No thanks!

So maybe you would want to try the 100 happy days too? I am going to do it!

Here is my first photo, today I went to the stadium here in Dunedin to see the royals. Oh it was so good! Kate is, of course, stunning as always and Wills even made a speech which was so nice. You kinda don't expect him to make one but turns out he even wrote one before he arrived and it was quite special. The crowd around us was awesome and it was just incredibly special to see a real life Prince and Princess.

I was a bit far away, but you can still see them. And that is what made me happy today.

I hope you will have a really nice week!

Hayleigh xx


  1. I have been thinking of starting that project too! Maybe Monday will be my first day : )

    1. Oh my gosh you must do it! so far it is easy but remembering to take a photo is the hard part :)

  2. I'm up to day 33 and loving it!!!

    Here's my post on the challenge:

    1. That is awesome! I just followed you on instagram :) I am using the Pea Soup facebook page as my platform