Sunday, 20 April 2014

Post of the day - Fashion Sunday

Evening and happy Easter!
Have we had our fair share of chocolate? I sure have, my Easter egg is already gone.

Today I decided to do a fashion wrap up. I got my hair done on Thursday and went a bit lighter, had a fair bit chopped off too. I have decided to buy some clip in hair extensions just for fun, my hair never seems to grow very long these days so I figured I may need a bit of artificial help.

To start with, we have Sarah from Oh The Things I Think and her enviable line up of dresses. This girl just makes me want to go shopping. Soon I am heading up to Wellington to see Dean and I get to bring a 23kg bag with me, only it will be empty and I am aiming to fill it up!

Next we move on to Lisa from All In A Daze for her What I Wore session. She also shows us how to achieve the "bitchy resting face" which I seem to nail without even knowing.

Then on to Kim from Kimba Likes and my gosh this girl has style. She also makes me want to cut my hair off short too. Go check out her blog post on what she wore. See, before I started reading you blogs I use to hate shopping. I always felt fat and frumpy and ugly and nothing fitted right. But now you guys are making me see how much fun a girl can have with her shopping! 

But wait, there's more. Lauren from SAHM I Am has also blogged about what she wore, but this time it is shoes! Oh shoes, how I love thee. Over the years I am getting a big collection of shoes. Today I wore three different pairs. I like my sparkly shoes a lot and a few months ago I noticed Forever New had a pair called Hayley, which is my name but just spelt differently. Ooooh, Forever New, I'll be back in a tick.....

Right, back. And finally we have Natalie from NorthShore Days because she and her wee girl did Easter nail art! Oh my gosh, so cute. They tried to paint bunnies on their nails and quite a good effort I think. It is kinda impossible to achieve the "pinterest look!" I think I might give this a go tomorrow, I love bunnies.

Wow that was an epic fashion blog post. I am now going to go shopping for dresses, shoes and nail polish!

Hayleigh xx


  1. I hope you get to splurge in Wellington!! I love the vintage stores there!!

  2. Yay for the shout out thanks Hayleigh. My girls are still getting their nails done like that - they're not ready to move on and try a new style just yet ...sigh!