Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Post of the day - Easter Crafts

Ahhhh it's almost Easter! Well, I guess by Wednesday you can practically say that it is the Easter holiday.
What are you guys doing?
My brother is down from Christchurch so I get to see him over the weekend and my parents are away so I am on cat-feeding duties. 

Todays posts are all about Easter crafts. When holidays roll around it is always a great time to show off how great we are at crafting things up!
Julie from A Slice in the Life of Julie has made a really cute Easter Egg tree. I'm looking at it and thinking how can something so simple look so amazing? And then why stop at Easter, you could essentially do it for any day of the year. Perhaps get some paper flowers or Christmas balls and go for gold.
And then Keryn from Keryn's Cards has a super cute Easter basket tutorial (just follow the link in her blog post) and it looks real fancy too. I remember making baskets as a kid but they were an a4 piece of paper made into a shallow box with cotton buds stuck on them. Haven't crafts come a long way over the years?

Have you been up to any Easter crafting-ness?

Hayleigh xx


  1. I made an Easter Papercraft Sampler here:

    1. Thank you Lauren! Im sorry I must have overlooked it

  2. Thanks for including a link to my post Hayleigh. Have you done an Easter themed crackers?

    1. I did and it was really cute but no one wanted to buy any

  3. We've been busy celebrating Easter this week too!!
    Few Easter crafts and gift ideas :-)