Sunday, 16 March 2014

Weekly Wrap Up

Welcome to Sunday,

Have you all survived Cyclone Lusi? I'm in Dunedin and yesterday it was really warm - warm enough to the get washing dried on the line. However today we have ourselves a normal drizzly day. Nothing very cyclonic about it. 

This week has also seen a surge in views to the blog! Perhaps this is because you are all stuck inside sheltering from said cyclone? Or maybe it is because you guys are writing some awesome posts and we all just love reading them!

We have a whole bundle of newbies to the group this week, please say hello to:
Lisa Stirling from All In A Daze
Heather Murphy from Soothfast Skincare
Julie Oliver from A Slice in the Life of Julie and
Natalie Davidson from NorthShore Days

Our list is growing so much that I am going to have to categorize you all, that will keep me entertained for a while :)

Does anyone else own a very fluffy cat that insists on going out in the rain, coming inside drenched to the bones and then rubs up against your legs? Not impressed!

Enjoy your Sunday and keep on blogging on,

Hayleigh xx


  1. Congrats on the growth of Pea Soup. The joys of owning fluffy cats - we have one too.

  2. Cyclone Lusi has actually just started to get pretty bad here, but until now I too had been thinking, what's all the fuss about :) A good excuse to watch movies though!

  3. No cat, but a dog that comes in and shakes himself dry, drenching everything in the vicinity.