Sunday, 2 March 2014

Weekly Wrap Up!

Hello Lovelies,

It is Sunday! Welcome to this weeks weekly wrap up. I totally forgot to do it last week but I am going to make sure it is a regular thing.

I always believe that we learn something new every day, or at the very least, something new every week. So tell me, what did you learn this week?
I learnt that illustrators for children's books are really really expensive. And today I learnt that Cadbury World here in Dunedin has a retail store and the chocolate is cheaper than the supermarket so I went a bit crazy in the shop and bought heaps.

But who will be taking Post Of The Day? It goes to Emma from The Earth Through A Lens for her gorgeous photography and enthralling captions that go with them. This girl can write and she does so with detail and emotion which I find hard to do.

I will also be announcing tomorrow the Blogger Of The Month for March! They will get their logo put on the sidebar with a link to their blog and it will stay up for the whole month.

We can welcome some new faces to Pea Soup this week too. Everyone, say hello to:
Keryn Campbell from Keryn's Cards
Andrea Kroll from Live Laugh Loving Life
and Louise Deed from The Baby View

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Hayleigh xx


  1. Thanks Hayleigh!! Have you done the chocolate tour at Cadburys? It's so good, the whole time you are walking around all you can smell is chocolate! Yum (plus they give you a little goody bag of chocolate :) )

  2. I learn't that the iPod that caused all sorts strife when the now 13 year old owned it is just as evil in the hands of the 10 year old & you can't beat a night away with your Mum to recharge your batteries.

  3. Hi and welcome to the newest bloggers! Mmmm, I loved living in Dunedin and going to the Cadbury factory.