Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Post Of The Day - wanna play this game?

Evening lovelies,

Well I don't know about you, but I have had one hell of an interesting day. I have had to deal with the police twice on two separate occasions! No, I haven't gone crazy. One was for my neighbor and the other was for some dickhead who decided to walk down the motorway at night. Not a bright idea.

So to make my night a bit better, I went and read all your blogs and I went to Lisa's blog All In A Daze and she had this cool wee game which I thought we could play and get to know each other more!

It was just a word and you kinda fill in the rest of the sentance. So here we go:

Making : This blog post!
Cooking : Nothing, we had KFC for tea.
Drinking : I am currently considering a Milo
Reading: Gah! University stuff, quite boring. It's about women in philosophy.
Wanting: Something better to read lol
Looking: At my cute fluffy kitty sitting on my husband. Awh she is so cute.
Playing: The violin. I have started learning how to play it. So far so good.
Wasting: Time, I really should be doing uni work.
Wishing: That it was super easy to get my book published.
Enjoying: Two Broke Girls on TV
Liking: Chocolate
Wondering: Should I become a foster mum for kittens?
Loving: The sun today.
Needing: My shoulder to heal. I'm off work for two weeks cause I sprained my Rotator Cuff. Ouch.
Smelling: The wheat from my wheatbag on my shoulder.
Wearing: My dressing gown!
Noticing: What the time is. 9:30 already?!
Knowing: Everything.
Thinking: Must be Milo time
Feeling: A bit sore in the shoulder. A bit tired. A bit nervous for my presentation tomorrow. 
Bookmarking: Publishing houses in NZ
 Giggling: At Two Broke Girls on TV. I use to hate that show but now it's quite good.

If you have got time, give it a go! You could even do your own blog post following Lisa's idea. Let me know if you do so then I can feature you too.
Also don't forget to grab the button and pop it on your blog. Sharing is caring :)

Hayleigh xx


  1. Making : This comment.
    Cooking : Just finished Cooking oat temptations for breakfast.
    Drinking : Tea.
    Reading: Pea Soup
    Wanting: To wake up properly.
    Looking: At my screen.
    Playing: The clarinet. Should do more practice.
    Wasting: Time, on facebook, instead of eating my breakfast.
    Wishing: That the family would hurry up and get ready so that I can start working in peace & quiet.
    Enjoying: Thoughts of my ladies coming over for Stamp Club this afternoon & evening.
    Liking: Chocolate - had to keep this Hayleigh, but ate the last of mine last night (Sad)
    Wondering: When 10 year old son while show his full potential and stop being lazy. Might take a while like his Mum.
    Loving: and looking forward to a day of crafting.
    Needing: A lot more time in the evenings, my family have so much going on.
    Smelling: Nothing much this morning. Need a shower with lots of steam to clear out my nose.
    Wearing: My dressing gown!
    Noticing: The quiet as everyone else leaves the house.
    Knowing: Enough and wanting to know more.
    Thinking: I must finish my cup of tea and get in the shower.
    Feeling: Not quite awake let - I really need that shower.
    Bookmarking: Some sites recommended at the College's Gifted and Talented meeting last night.
    Giggling: I'm not awake enough to giggle yet. But there's going to be lots of laughing and giggling at today's stamp club sessions. We always have a blast!