Friday, 21 March 2014

Post of the day - Happy Happiness Day

Do any of you watch the Paul Henry Show? Most nights I try to stay awake to watch it but sometimes I have to mysky it. So I caught up on his show this morning to find out that yesterday was International Happiness Day! How did I miss this?!
I did a Facebook quiz yesterday about "what Little Miss character are you?" and I was Little Miss Sunshine.

Did we all have a happy Happiness Day? My day started off with buying two K-Bars (haven't had those in years) then going to a showroom to look at new kitchens. I didn't care so much about the kitchens because the guy had brought his dog to work so I spent my time playing with the dog while Dean discussed our kitchen needs.

Today I bring you two vastly different posts, but all relating to happiness. The first is from Natalie at The Grand Optimist who has shared her thoughts and feelings about the past few days. Natalie hasn't been feeling too flash so please head over and send her some Pea Soup love! When you read her blog, I'm sure we can all relate to the negative comments we tell ourselves over the course of a day. Some of the ones Natalie tells herself I also tell myself. 
On Wednesday I sent my book away to a publisher in Australia to see if they will accept it. While I know I have written a good book, I still beat myself up and tell myself it was crap and that no one will like it and that I have no chance of it being published. I think it is easier to tell yourself bad things and believe it rather than telling yourself how great you are only to be let down.

On the flipside of the negative comments is Andrea from Live Laugh Loving Life who blogged about sour lollies. Don't you just love sour lollies? Simple things can make you so happy. I am a huge fan of sour coke bottles. 
I have a few little memories of sour lollies! My first was that when I got my first job working at New World on checkout, I use to buy my lunch each Friday at the local dairy. The owner got use to me coming in that she started to give me free sour rainbow belts. They were yum. 

When I was in Paris last year, Dean and I discovered a lolly stall at the Champs Elysee Christmas Market and we bought some sour lollies. The French must really like their sour flavour cause those lollies packed a punch. They were a chewing gum coated with a sugar shell with a big dollop of sour in the middle.

Ahhhh lollies, such a great source of happiness.

Do you have any sour lolly memories you would like to share with the group?
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Hayleigh xx


  1. I was little miss Sunshine too. Good to see I'm in excellent company.

  2. hehe you sound like me! I would be the one playing with the dog rather than discussing kitchens! (except for the fact that my partner would be useless in that area lol) ... PS thanks for featuring my blog :) <3 Andrea xx