Sunday, 30 March 2014

Sunday Wrap Up

Good Evening Lovelies,

Today I get to announce the winner of the Blogger of the Month award. The winner will get their blog logo or picture in the sidebar for the entire month of April with it linked to their blog. Well, I guess you want to know who won then?
Natalie Roche from The Grand Optimist!

Natalie won with flying colours. Don't forget that this runs each month so you can try again at the end of April.

This week we also have one newbie to add to the ever growing list. Everyone, please say hello to:
 Gina Colvin from MUMbleNZ.

If you have your blog listed with us, please be kind and put the button on your blog. It means a lot to me to get this community out far and wide, plus the more blogs to read the better in my books. Also if you stumble across a kiwi blog, please let them know we exist!

Now onto actual blog stuff, today's theme is again food. I love food. And Natalie from NorthShore Days has a fantabulous recipe on her blog for Chocolate and Banana Muffins. Now, I know there has been a bit of a Banana shortage but this is a fab way to get rid of those Bananas going a bit brown in the fridge. And Kelly from Nappyneedz has blogged about comfort food. What is your comfort food? Nigella Lawson said her's was mashed potato which I think is a bit weird. I'm pretty happy with caramello chocolate or chocolate cake. Actually Milo is a great comfort drink!

I hope you are having a nice weekend and this coming week will be a great one.

Hayleigh xx

Friday, 28 March 2014

Post of the Day - Going Places

Morning Lovelies,

I think travel has to be one of the most exciting things to do as a human. Nothing thrills me more than to throw myself into another culture and just watch and accept the way they do things. I guess some people would criticise other culture but I love learning about the way other people work. 

So today's Post of the Day is dedicated to travel and the places you guys have been to.

I will start off with how jealous I am of Bec who gets to go to LA for a work shopping trip. Oh how I wish my boss would phone me up and suggest I go to America for a shopping work trip! One place I have never been to is America, I've heard great things about it and I am keen to see the nightlife in New York. One thing on my bucket list is to go tornado chasing in America so I'll get there one day.

A bit closer to home now and we have Lauren who came down to Dunedin (my patch of the woods) to stay with family for a bit. She was kind enough to send me a message and asked about some activities to do with the squidlets and I was thrilled to see that she went with one of my ideas and went to the Tropical Butterfly Forest at Otago Museum. I have been so many times and it is probably my favorite place in Dunedin. The butterflies are beautiful and they land on you which is so much fun. The forest itself is gorgeous with three levels and a big waterfall. On the lower level are ponds that have fish and turtles in them. You can stay for as long as you want! It is very hot inside, like a sauna but with less humidity. 

And finally, still keeping within New Zealand, Lisa and her family went away to their bach (that's so North Island slang, we call them Cribs down south) at Waihi Beach. It looks beautiful! We use to have a crib in Albertown which is a five minute drive out of Wanaka. But then my grandparents thought it would be a super cool idea to make it their family home and now we don't have a crib in Albertown cause who really wants to spend a relaxing holiday with their grandparents? That's the whole idea of a holiday, to get away and be alone and do whatever you want to do and not have to make idle chitchat about cricket and weather. It makes me a bit grumpy that they took away our crib but what can ya do.

Do any of you guys and gals have a crib/bach?

Hayleigh xx

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Sunday Wrap Up

Golly gosh, are we at another Sunday already? Doesn't time seem to be flying at the moment?
Another question, is it too early for Easter crafts? I don't think so!
Today I am sharing a cool Easter craft from Keryn's Cards. This is a cute Easter egg holder which also doubles as perhaps a box or a gift tag. I know that I will be making them this Easter. 

Since it is also Sunday, we have to say hello to our newbies this week. We only have one, but one is better than none. So everyone please say hello to Kelly Sweeney from Nappyneedz!

This has been a short post :) Almost as short as me.

Hayleigh xx

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Post Of The Day - Fortune Tellers

Do you guys remember Fortune Tellers from school? You know, those little paper pyramids with colours and numbers on them, you opened and closed them with your fingers and then read out the silly notes in the middle. Well if you have no idea what I am on about, then head over to Emma's The Earth through a Lens blog cause she has step-by-step instructions on how to make them.

When I got married a year or so ago, I was going to have them in my gift bags for the guests as a little game to get to know the Bride and Groom. But I kinda went DIY crazy and it would have been major overload.

Don't forget to tell your fans to stop by and vote for you to win the Blogger Of The Month!

Hayleigh xx

Friday, 21 March 2014

Post of the day - Happy Happiness Day

Do any of you watch the Paul Henry Show? Most nights I try to stay awake to watch it but sometimes I have to mysky it. So I caught up on his show this morning to find out that yesterday was International Happiness Day! How did I miss this?!
I did a Facebook quiz yesterday about "what Little Miss character are you?" and I was Little Miss Sunshine.

Did we all have a happy Happiness Day? My day started off with buying two K-Bars (haven't had those in years) then going to a showroom to look at new kitchens. I didn't care so much about the kitchens because the guy had brought his dog to work so I spent my time playing with the dog while Dean discussed our kitchen needs.

Today I bring you two vastly different posts, but all relating to happiness. The first is from Natalie at The Grand Optimist who has shared her thoughts and feelings about the past few days. Natalie hasn't been feeling too flash so please head over and send her some Pea Soup love! When you read her blog, I'm sure we can all relate to the negative comments we tell ourselves over the course of a day. Some of the ones Natalie tells herself I also tell myself. 
On Wednesday I sent my book away to a publisher in Australia to see if they will accept it. While I know I have written a good book, I still beat myself up and tell myself it was crap and that no one will like it and that I have no chance of it being published. I think it is easier to tell yourself bad things and believe it rather than telling yourself how great you are only to be let down.

On the flipside of the negative comments is Andrea from Live Laugh Loving Life who blogged about sour lollies. Don't you just love sour lollies? Simple things can make you so happy. I am a huge fan of sour coke bottles. 
I have a few little memories of sour lollies! My first was that when I got my first job working at New World on checkout, I use to buy my lunch each Friday at the local dairy. The owner got use to me coming in that she started to give me free sour rainbow belts. They were yum. 

When I was in Paris last year, Dean and I discovered a lolly stall at the Champs Elysee Christmas Market and we bought some sour lollies. The French must really like their sour flavour cause those lollies packed a punch. They were a chewing gum coated with a sugar shell with a big dollop of sour in the middle.

Ahhhh lollies, such a great source of happiness.

Do you have any sour lolly memories you would like to share with the group?
Don't forget that Blogger Of The Month nominations are open and you can vote for your favorite blogger HERE. Also head over and like our Facebook page to keep up-to-date with the latest happenings around Pea Soup.

Hayleigh xx

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Blogger Of The Month nominations are now open

Guess what? The Blogger Of The Month nominations are now open! This is a really awesome way to engage with your readers and get yourself a bit of publicity at the same time.

On this page there is a voting form. You can vote for your favorite blogger (or yourself) to win. What does the winner get? You get your photo or blog logo on the sidebar, it will link to your blog, for the entire month. It is a bit of fun and it gets your fans voting for you, which is great for loyalty. 

So all you have to do is send your readers over to that page to vote. Nice and easy. They can vote as many times as they like. The winner will be announced on Sunday 30th March to allow for one day to get the image and link sorted in time for April 1st.

I hope you guys will have fun with this and send your readers over to vote!

Hayleigh xx

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Post of the Day - Wardrobe Wednesday

Well, this is a first for me! A fashion inspired post. I'm not one to usually blog about fashion but today I decided to treat myself to a new bra, discovered I have grown two whole cup sizes, and now I am loving fashion. 

One thing Sarah from Oh, The Things I Think and I have in common are dresses. One thing we don't have in common is that Marie Claire has yet to contact me regarding a photo shoot - Sarah you lucky devil! Looks like I need to do a bit of dress shopping on Etsy. Sadly in New Zealand, or rather in Dunedin, we lack in the dress department (apart from Forever New), and I'm not a fan of those sack-like, see-through dresses that Glassons seem to have.

Now, if you want a fashion blog you must head over to Kimba Likes cause that girl knows her fashion. The post I am featuring today is a great Autumn look-book, since we are well and truly putting away our short-shorts and tank tops, it is time to crack out the knitted jumpers and fitted blazers. 

Do you shop for clothing online? Let me know where so I can check it out!

Hayleigh xx

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Weekly Wrap Up

Welcome to Sunday,

Have you all survived Cyclone Lusi? I'm in Dunedin and yesterday it was really warm - warm enough to the get washing dried on the line. However today we have ourselves a normal drizzly day. Nothing very cyclonic about it. 

This week has also seen a surge in views to the blog! Perhaps this is because you are all stuck inside sheltering from said cyclone? Or maybe it is because you guys are writing some awesome posts and we all just love reading them!

We have a whole bundle of newbies to the group this week, please say hello to:
Lisa Stirling from All In A Daze
Heather Murphy from Soothfast Skincare
Julie Oliver from A Slice in the Life of Julie and
Natalie Davidson from NorthShore Days

Our list is growing so much that I am going to have to categorize you all, that will keep me entertained for a while :)

Does anyone else own a very fluffy cat that insists on going out in the rain, coming inside drenched to the bones and then rubs up against your legs? Not impressed!

Enjoy your Sunday and keep on blogging on,

Hayleigh xx

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Post Of The Day - Things that took my fancy

Did you make a chocolate cake in a mug yesterday? I did and it was scum-diddly-umptious. But now I am slightly concerned at just how easy it was because chocolate cake is now only 5 minutes away instead of 45 minutes. 

Today is going to be a post about things that took my fancy. I read all your posts almost daily and usually there is a wee recurring theme, which I must admit I love! But today there was a mismatch and so I chose three of your posts, which kinda have nothing to do with each other but I loved them individually.

Starting with Emma from The Earth Through a Lens. I am in love with her post entitled Time Stands Still because she has taken a photo and has written three different, small stories about it. I see down the bottom that it is part of a One Picture, Three Stories link-up. As a writer, I think this is a brilliant way to get your mind whirling and to see more than one side. Two very big thumbs up to you Emma.

Second is Angela from Tall, Short, Tiny and a Pickle for her Random Thoughts on a Thursday post. These always make me laugh because they are just that: random. And  I whole-heartily agree that Pikelets are little puffs on yum.

And finally for today we have a new blog called A Slice in the Life of Julie. Julie and her husband made an exterior blackboard for their kids over the weekend. It is such a cool idea! I am actually thinking about making one for myself cause it could keep me entertained for hours. 

And those are the things that took my fancy today. Come back tomorrow so I can introduce you all to the newbies and don't forget to add the button to your page. The more the merrier!

Hayleigh xx

Friday, 14 March 2014

Post Of The Day - Foodie Special

It's Friday! It's almost 10am and my tummy is rumbling cause I just don't feel like eating. Does that even make sense? I had a big fight with a plumbing company on the phone yesterday and it has left me with no appetite. 

So today's Posts Of The Day is going to be dedicated to food and all things food related. Don't you just love food? I told you guys a week or so ago I discovered the retail store at Cadbury World where everything is like half price. Dean and I went back there on Wednesday to buy so much more! The retail assistant thought we were from Australia though.

To start off, I bring you Lisa again because she gave that Chocolate Cake in a Mug recipe a whirl and damn it looks good. I have never tried it, have you? I think I might for dessert tonight if my appetite comes back.

Louise from The Baby View has gone down the healthy road today with this yummy Muesli Slice recipe. I wonder what would happen if we mixed it in with the chocolate cake in a mug?

And you should all know by now that I love a good craft project, so when I went to Laurens SAHM I Am blog and discovered she made personalized casserole dishes, I almost fell off my seat. You have got to check them out, they are such a wonder gift idea! Plus you could take it further and personalize glassware of any kind.

I hope you are eating yummy things today,

Hayleigh xx

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Post Of The Day - wanna play this game?

Evening lovelies,

Well I don't know about you, but I have had one hell of an interesting day. I have had to deal with the police twice on two separate occasions! No, I haven't gone crazy. One was for my neighbor and the other was for some dickhead who decided to walk down the motorway at night. Not a bright idea.

So to make my night a bit better, I went and read all your blogs and I went to Lisa's blog All In A Daze and she had this cool wee game which I thought we could play and get to know each other more!

It was just a word and you kinda fill in the rest of the sentance. So here we go:

Making : This blog post!
Cooking : Nothing, we had KFC for tea.
Drinking : I am currently considering a Milo
Reading: Gah! University stuff, quite boring. It's about women in philosophy.
Wanting: Something better to read lol
Looking: At my cute fluffy kitty sitting on my husband. Awh she is so cute.
Playing: The violin. I have started learning how to play it. So far so good.
Wasting: Time, I really should be doing uni work.
Wishing: That it was super easy to get my book published.
Enjoying: Two Broke Girls on TV
Liking: Chocolate
Wondering: Should I become a foster mum for kittens?
Loving: The sun today.
Needing: My shoulder to heal. I'm off work for two weeks cause I sprained my Rotator Cuff. Ouch.
Smelling: The wheat from my wheatbag on my shoulder.
Wearing: My dressing gown!
Noticing: What the time is. 9:30 already?!
Knowing: Everything.
Thinking: Must be Milo time
Feeling: A bit sore in the shoulder. A bit tired. A bit nervous for my presentation tomorrow. 
Bookmarking: Publishing houses in NZ
 Giggling: At Two Broke Girls on TV. I use to hate that show but now it's quite good.

If you have got time, give it a go! You could even do your own blog post following Lisa's idea. Let me know if you do so then I can feature you too.
Also don't forget to grab the button and pop it on your blog. Sharing is caring :)

Hayleigh xx

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Sunday Weekly Wrap Up!

Good Evening Lovelies,

Gosh, what a week! 
For me, I have (finally) found an illustrator for my children's book. He is a 10 year old boy and he can draw like you wouldn't believe. This week I also got a new cellphone and I stupidly put my hand up to do a 5 minute presentation in class on Thursday where I have to read a book and then give a verbal book review. I literally had one week to find a book, read it all enough to form an opinion and find examples, then write and learn a 5 minute presentation in one week *dies*. Send good vibes my way for Thursday! But that does explain why I have been super quite this week, I have had my head in a book.

What have you guys been up to?

Today's Post Of The Day goes to Natalie for her blogging rant about first years to University. I was giggling my head off cause I can totally relate. I take Gender Studies as my interest papers and boy do some people get on my nerves when the don't understand how bad Blurred Lines is or they think that we should be celebrating Miley Cyrus for slutting it up on stage. The sexulisation of women is not ok. That's my rant for the day :) And also a shout out to Sarah from Oh The Things I Think for having a wardrobe to envy.

This week we have had no new comers but that is ok, I'm sure we will have more next week. If you are a Kiwi Blogger, submit your blog to me via the tabby thing up the top and then I can feature you too!

Hayleigh xx

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Post Of The Day - Christchurch

Good Afternoon Lovelies,

I am sitting here watching the news and it is all about the floods in Christchurch. What a disaster. My heart goes out to those who are still waiting for their houses to be fixed and now they have to deal with this crap! I think I would be pulling my hair out if I was them.So I have decided today's theme is Christchurch.

If you head over to Natalie's blog The Grand Optimist, she has a funny image of a guy jet skiing on the flood waters - just crazy! And if you click over to Bec's blog Clouds of Colour, she has some beautiful photos taken from the Ellerslie Flower Show in Christchurch. It is always one of those shows I have wanted to go to but because it is in Christchurch, it is just a tiny bit too far away for me. 
And finally, if you visit Angela's blog Tall, Short, Tiny and a Pickle, she has an awesome travel post about Canterbury and North Otago which is my stomping ground. 

If you are a Kiwi Blogger, submit your blog to me so that I can feature you in the Post Of The Day!

One thing I have noticed over the month of running this blog is that themes tend to pop up on all your blogs through-out the week which I just love. So keep up the fantastic work Kiwi Bloggers :)

Hayleigh xx

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Weekly Wrap Up!

Hello Lovelies,

It is Sunday! Welcome to this weeks weekly wrap up. I totally forgot to do it last week but I am going to make sure it is a regular thing.

I always believe that we learn something new every day, or at the very least, something new every week. So tell me, what did you learn this week?
I learnt that illustrators for children's books are really really expensive. And today I learnt that Cadbury World here in Dunedin has a retail store and the chocolate is cheaper than the supermarket so I went a bit crazy in the shop and bought heaps.

But who will be taking Post Of The Day? It goes to Emma from The Earth Through A Lens for her gorgeous photography and enthralling captions that go with them. This girl can write and she does so with detail and emotion which I find hard to do.

I will also be announcing tomorrow the Blogger Of The Month for March! They will get their logo put on the sidebar with a link to their blog and it will stay up for the whole month.

We can welcome some new faces to Pea Soup this week too. Everyone, say hello to:
Keryn Campbell from Keryn's Cards
Andrea Kroll from Live Laugh Loving Life
and Louise Deed from The Baby View

Please don't forget to put my button on your blog sidebar and if you come across any Kiwi bloggers, let them know about Pea Soup!

Hayleigh xx