Tuesday, 4 February 2014

The First Post Of The Day

Well hello hello to the lovely readers out there. Today I will be sharing you my first Post Of The Day!

This post comes from Emma McIlroy who wrote about her pencil case essentials for all of you heading back to school. I absolutely loved the post because she has the cutest little pencil case I have ever seen! And all of her stationary is so sweet and pretty, which is totally different to the type of stationary I had when I was in high school. I had the typical blue and red pens which we tried to spice up by writing our names of bits of paper and wrapping them around the pen - gosh we were cool, do people still do that?

Now that I am at University, my own pencil case essentials has changed quite a bit. Highlighters are a must have for marking important notes as well as different coloured pens. Unlike high school, we don't need glue sticks or scissors as we work out of text books and take notes from lectures. I did however make my own pencil case which has ducks on it.

This is my pencil case

So head over to Emma's blog HERE and say hi!

I'm really looking forward to more of you Kiwi bloggers coming on board and hanging out here,

Hayleigh xx


  1. Thanks for featuring me Hayleigh! Your pencil case is super cute, well done on making it! :)