Sunday, 9 February 2014

Sunday Wrap Up's

Hi Lovelies,

The end of the week is here so I thought it was a great time for a wrap up.

New bloggers to Pea Soup this week are:

The Earth through a Lens - Emma McIlroy
Oh, The Things I Think - Sarah Bluett 
Tall, Short, Tiny & a Pickle - Angela Wilson 
SAHM I am- Stay At Home Mum - Lauren Moore 
Clouds of Colour - Bec Brown
The Grand Optimist - Natalie Roche
Kimba Likes - Kim-Marie Williams

 Welcome friends!

Today's post of the day goes to Emma McIlroy from The Earth through a Lens because she has had one hell of an amazing blog makeover. WOW Emma, it looks fantastic! I always love it when people makeover their blogs, it is amazing to see their personalities shine off the page not just in their writing but in their graphics and images too.

How many times have you made over your blog? If you are anything like me, I went through a tonne of designs before I gave up and paid someone else to do it for me. I can be a bit hard on myself sometimes and am never 100% happy with what I create, that is why it is so much easier to pawn designs off to someone else!

Today marks one week since Pea Soup was launched. Thank you to everyone who has listed their blog with me!

Hayleigh xx


  1. Thanks Hayleigh! I am super happy with my new blog design and I also love it when people make-over their blogs, for exactly the reasons you said. :)

    1. I just love how you didn't say anything about it then all of a sudden it's like "OMG her blog has changed!!" such a cool surprise :)