Thursday, 20 February 2014

Post of the day - Random Thoughts

Happy summery day Lovelies,

I am a HUGE fan of the Random Thoughts blog posts. They always make me laugh. 
Today over at Tall, Short, Tiny and a Pickle (wicked blog name BTW), Angela shares her random thoughts for the day. It is well worth a read if you want a giggle. I can't imagine waking up to find Lego in my bed!

And here are my random thoughts for the day:

-Why do spiders insist on living inside my peg basket?

-Why did a gorgeous, black and very cuddly kitten decided to adventure to my house this morning if it wasn't a "sign" for me to get another cat?

-Why is it when you ask someone to call you back, they will call at the one time during the day you are unavailable?

-Why do the resident wild ducks want to eat my cat?

I hope you are having a nice day. Have you liked the Pea Soup Facebook page yet? I post all the links to the blog each day.

Take care,

Hayleigh xx


  1. Lego in the bed, I get that. Until you've been a parent things like that are unimaginable.

    1. They sure are to me! When I am a parent, perhaps I will aim for a Lego-free zone (if that is at all possible). Those little things are bloody sore to stand on though