Thursday, 13 February 2014

Post of the day - Pizza Theme

Hi Lovelies,

Today's post of the day has a pizza theme which I secretly think is really cool. It was just sheer fluke that two of you lovely bloggers had talked about pizzas! What with all this bad weather going on, it is no wonder we all have comfort food on the brain. Lauren from SAHM I Am gives us a wonderful recipe for homemade meatball pizza and Louise from The Baby View has a cute kids recipe for Mini Animal Pizzas Faces. As a big kid, even I am keen to give my pizzas a smiley face.

When I was a wee girl, I hated pizza. I remember a trip to Pizza Hut back when they had the buffet and dessert bar, I hesitantly tried the Cheese pizza and then someone said I should try Hawaiian. From there I never looked back and now I love pizza, I just take the pineapple off cause I'm fussy like that.

What is your first memory of pizza?

Hayleigh xx

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