Monday, 24 February 2014

Post of the day - Creative Inspiration

Hello Lovelies,

Well, first day back at University today and all was well. That is literally it, sometimes Uni can be quite boring.

Today's post of the day is from Keryn's Cards by Keryn. She is a Stampin' Up Demonstrator and makes cards. They are actually really really good cards too. I am a very creative person and I have a side hobby business where I make crackers for every occasion, not just Christmas. Keryn has helped me out with them when she sent me links to You Tube videos for making square crackers. 

In Keryn's post, she writes about 10 places to find inspiration for card making. I read through the list and I found it very useful not just for card making, but for anything creative. Whether is be painting, writing, or baking, Keryn's list is really good. Some tips you would just have to modify for yourself, like her tip on asking yourself who you are making the card for. In this case you would ask yourself who you are baking for or writing for.

Sometimes we forget in this busy world that inspiration is literally out the window or in the magazine on the table. And sometimes we over think the inspiration and aim for trickiness when really simplicity can be the key.

I hope you are all having a creative day, I have washing that needs to come off the line before it gets blown to Christchurch. 

Hayleigh xx

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