Tuesday, 11 February 2014

A blog post from me - Outraged

Hi lovelies,

Today I thought I might write a blog post for you on something that got me super fired up today - March's NEXT Magazine edition.

I subscribed to a years worth of magazines because last year I was really enjoying reading their magazine, but now I thank God that this was the last magazine in the subscription.

This March is the Body Issue edition - already that title pisses me off.
Let me walk you through the magazine and I'll explain why it left me fuming.

First off, the first article was about Social Development and Employment Minister Paula Bennett. I was utterly disgusted to find the entire four page article focused on how she lost weight and found a husband and how (get this) her job got in the way of finding love. This women should be an inspiration to all who are on the benefit to know they can achieve great things through education and hard work. They should not be focusing the article on her body weight and how many men she has dated. Personally I find it insulting and degrading to sum up her life based on how much weight she has lost and how she met her husband.

And it is all down hill from here, the next article talks about why women are trying to be a "perfect size 10". They lightly discuss the average dress size of a New Zealand women (14-16) but then rant on about how we are all trying to achieve a size 10 or how we are all obsessed with being a size 10. It talks about how we, as women, are all getting bigger in size and now can't fit a size 10. But what really got to me was when they talked to a body image health promoter and she says not to look at the weight or size but to focus on health. We should all be eating well and exercising to maintain this perfect 10. But hold on, didn't you just say the average size was a 14-16? And that we are all getting bigger? So really what you are trying to say is that we are getting fat and need to loose weight.
The article goes on to interview three women in their 30's to 40's who are a size 10. They pretty muchly say being a size 10 is all that matters to them and they will do anything to keep it that way. One lady even says that she wants to be a size 8 because clothes fit her better when she is skinnier.

I am a firm believer that women should not ever be judged by their weight and that their size should not matter in the slightest. It really pisses me off when magazines like this talk about what size we all should be - while trying to say that we should love our bodies for what they are at the same time. Contradicting much??

It gets worse, the next article is about our thoughts on the aging process and how we all think negatively about aging but shouldn't. Ok so now we are suppose to love ourselves for how we are again? No wait, flip the page and you will find an in-depth article on plastic surgery and how this can fix your lumps, bumps and wrinkles. Excellent, so now we are back to trying to achieve the perfect body image. 

Oh let's rub it in a bit more with yet another article about plastic surgery but this time it is from a mum who's body got wrecked due to pregnancy. With the magazines target demographic of women in their 30's+ I suspect most of them would have had children so this article is in no way promoting body acceptance. Coupled with being told we are getting fatter and wrinklier, this is a terrible magazine edition.

And just as we are all thinking that we are fat and wrinkly and that it is kinda ok to like the way you are but really you should be doing something to fix the mess that you are, we are shown three lovely ladies who look like spring chickens and are invited to guess their age. What do you know, they are about 20 years older than how they look. Wonderful, lets add jealously and spite into the already raging emotions of body loathing going on.

Then we hit the fashion section where a tall, thin, late 20's model struts her stuff across the pages and I am suppose to just swoon over how good the clothes look on her while holding my wobbly bits and wondering if I can squish them into a pencil skirt. 

After that breath of fresh air, I am told of anti aging miracle creams that will get rid of my wrinkles - hurrah! Oh but wait, I am confused. I thought it was ok to like getting older - isn't that what you said before? But now you are telling me to look younger again and here is how to do it. Maybe I do need to loose weight after all....damn you wrinkles and cellulite.

Next article, the wonder vegetable for giving me better skin and more energy and they will make me fitter because of their super powers. Well, since I am getting fatter maybe I do need to just eat vegetables all day long in hopes of reaching the perfect size 10. Isn't that what we all apparently want?

And to top it all off, we have the skinniest person I have ever seen doing yoga on a surf board in Rarotonga to find her "inner zen".

I can not express how horrified I am at this magazine. Especially the body image health promoter who isn't promoting a healthy body image at all, she is just saying that we all need to be a size 10 and to achieve it through diet and exercise. 

As women, we are worth a million billion times more than how we look. We can achieve the greatest things in the world, we can have successful careers and not one of us should be judged or told how to look. Magazines like this should be promoting women who achieve greatness regardless of their size, weight, martial status or looks. We are not solely about our looks, our lives do not revolve around how to get a husband and we certainly do not need to be wasting our time on attempting to be a perfect 10.

I am outraged that this sort of ideal body bullshit is still plastered across magazines and television. I am not put here on this earth to be told how to look, what size to be and to sit around all day waiting for a husband - it is disgusting!

What do you ladies think about all this?

Hayleigh xx

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  1. You should send a letter to the editor, or at least send them the link to this post. The body, make up, fashion sections are usually the bits I skip over in all magazines so that one would have been a total waste of time and paper.