Sunday, 20 April 2014

Post of the day - Fashion Sunday

Evening and happy Easter!
Have we had our fair share of chocolate? I sure have, my Easter egg is already gone.

Today I decided to do a fashion wrap up. I got my hair done on Thursday and went a bit lighter, had a fair bit chopped off too. I have decided to buy some clip in hair extensions just for fun, my hair never seems to grow very long these days so I figured I may need a bit of artificial help.

To start with, we have Sarah from Oh The Things I Think and her enviable line up of dresses. This girl just makes me want to go shopping. Soon I am heading up to Wellington to see Dean and I get to bring a 23kg bag with me, only it will be empty and I am aiming to fill it up!

Next we move on to Lisa from All In A Daze for her What I Wore session. She also shows us how to achieve the "bitchy resting face" which I seem to nail without even knowing.

Then on to Kim from Kimba Likes and my gosh this girl has style. She also makes me want to cut my hair off short too. Go check out her blog post on what she wore. See, before I started reading you blogs I use to hate shopping. I always felt fat and frumpy and ugly and nothing fitted right. But now you guys are making me see how much fun a girl can have with her shopping! 

But wait, there's more. Lauren from SAHM I Am has also blogged about what she wore, but this time it is shoes! Oh shoes, how I love thee. Over the years I am getting a big collection of shoes. Today I wore three different pairs. I like my sparkly shoes a lot and a few months ago I noticed Forever New had a pair called Hayley, which is my name but just spelt differently. Ooooh, Forever New, I'll be back in a tick.....

Right, back. And finally we have Natalie from NorthShore Days because she and her wee girl did Easter nail art! Oh my gosh, so cute. They tried to paint bunnies on their nails and quite a good effort I think. It is kinda impossible to achieve the "pinterest look!" I think I might give this a go tomorrow, I love bunnies.

Wow that was an epic fashion blog post. I am now going to go shopping for dresses, shoes and nail polish!

Hayleigh xx

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Post of the day - Easter Crafts

Ahhhh it's almost Easter! Well, I guess by Wednesday you can practically say that it is the Easter holiday.
What are you guys doing?
My brother is down from Christchurch so I get to see him over the weekend and my parents are away so I am on cat-feeding duties. 

Todays posts are all about Easter crafts. When holidays roll around it is always a great time to show off how great we are at crafting things up!
Julie from A Slice in the Life of Julie has made a really cute Easter Egg tree. I'm looking at it and thinking how can something so simple look so amazing? And then why stop at Easter, you could essentially do it for any day of the year. Perhaps get some paper flowers or Christmas balls and go for gold.
And then Keryn from Keryn's Cards has a super cute Easter basket tutorial (just follow the link in her blog post) and it looks real fancy too. I remember making baskets as a kid but they were an a4 piece of paper made into a shallow box with cotton buds stuck on them. Haven't crafts come a long way over the years?

Have you been up to any Easter crafting-ness?

Hayleigh xx

Monday, 14 April 2014

Post of the day - Book Monday!

Good afternoon lovelies,

It's 4:30 on a Monday and I'm feeling quite relaxed. There is not much on TV so I might be time to get my book out and keep reading. Right now I am reading The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton and quite frankly I can see why she won the Man Booker award; her novel is a work of art. I am also lucky enough to be going to an evening with Eleanor in about 3 weeks time so I figured I've got to read her book, how lame would it be to show up and have not read it?

For me as a writer, she is an inspiration and what I love is that I can follow her exact footsteps education-wise. So yes, at this stage I am planning on applying for a MA in Creative Writing at Victoria University in Wellington. The only thing that sucks about being a writer is knowing whether or not you are good enough. I am being told everyday that I should hurry up and finish Uni then go and get a normal office job like everyone else. So it takes a lot of confidence in yourself, along with a lot of actual writing skill, to take it to the next level. 

A few of you have also blogged about books over the past few days. Angela from Tall, Short, Tiny and a Pickle is talking about the books she has read with links to some great websites that have lists of book you must read. And Julie from A Slice in the Life of Julie has also blogged about books but this time it is children's books. Julie is a a huge advocate for reading children books and I must say, the most enjoyment I got out of writing my children's book was hearing that the kids were excited to go to bed and read it.

What book are you reading at the moment?

Hayleigh xx

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Post of the day - Happy days

Good evening lovelies,

I went on to Natalies blog today The Grand Optimist and I read her recent blog post with included a link to a 100 days of happiness challenge. And I thought, well ok, why not give it a go? And maybe you would want to aswell? Apparently 71% of people who try the challenge fail it cause they have no time or something. And I don't really like failing so I will do my best to complete it. 
You get to choose what platform to use and I picked Facebook because I can easily upload photos from my phone onto Facebook.

Also, someone else who is overly happy is Sarah from Oh The Things I Think because she did one of those colour runs where people throw colour at you and there are UV lights so it all shows up. Damn it looks fun! Shame the only thing in Dunedin we have close to it is that paint party that is on during O-Week. Drunk 18 year olds? No thanks!

So maybe you would want to try the 100 happy days too? I am going to do it!

Here is my first photo, today I went to the stadium here in Dunedin to see the royals. Oh it was so good! Kate is, of course, stunning as always and Wills even made a speech which was so nice. You kinda don't expect him to make one but turns out he even wrote one before he arrived and it was quite special. The crowd around us was awesome and it was just incredibly special to see a real life Prince and Princess.

I was a bit far away, but you can still see them. And that is what made me happy today.

I hope you will have a really nice week!

Hayleigh xx

Friday, 11 April 2014

Post of the day

Hi Lovelies,

Don't we all just end up getting so caught up in our own lives that we forget about other people? That is what I feel like at the moment. I have been so caught up in living the solo life, adjusting to driving myself everywhere and doing shopping alone, having to deal with spiders by myself too! It is almost mid-semester break at Uni so now is when things get a bit crazy assessment-wise. Then suddenly I find myself sitting down today and realizing that I have just forgotten about everything I use to do when Dean was here. How stupid is that?

I'm guessing I am not alone in this. I'll bet like me, you also can get so caught up in your own life that you forget the simple things. I went through and read your blogs today and I felt like I had missed a big chunk of all your lives! Then I felt stupid and guilty for being so selfish and only thinking about myself when really I should have been putting the same, if not more, energy into you lovelies.

So today I have decided to just do a huge link-a-thon to your life blogs so that none of you will miss out on eachothers lives.

And those are the peeps who write about their lives. 
Before I started Pea Soup, I was writing my own personal blog called After The Vows. I have put it to the side since December last year and now I am thinking about starting it back up again. Mainly because I am finding myself talking about my life in this blog, but maybe that is a good thing?

I hope your Friday is going well!

Hayleigh xx

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Sunday Wrap Up

Forgive me now if this Sunday Wrap Up comes across a bit sad. My husband has just left for Police College in Wellington where he will be training for the next four months, leaving me on my lonesome. I have been alone for an hour and a half now, and so far I have done two loads of washing and did a lot of walking around. I don't quite know what to do with myself!

But one thing I do know is that this blog shall continue, probably more-so now that I don't have to entertain Dean and I can just sit on my laptop for hours on end. Oh no, I might even start playing Neopets again.

It has been a funny week this week. In our home it felt like we were wrapping everything up before going on holiday, ya know how you get all the firewood sorted and make sure all the batteries are new and get all the washing done, that sort of thing? Only I'm not going anywhere, which will be nice but also a bit lonely. 

Anyways, enough of me blubbering on, we actually have two new people to join Pea Soup this week!
Please say hello to Katrina Ward from Don't Freak Outie and Rebecca Burgess from Do The Sums. I am actually thrilled to have a blog like Rebecca's on board which is all to do with book keeping and businessey money stuff that I know nothing about.

Next week I am off to Rippa Rugby (honestly, I don't know what that is either) but Princess Catherine and Prince William will be there! So I may just have some very royal snaps for you. I don't expect to meet them, but I am very glad my camera has a damn good zoom function. 
Will the royals be heading to your part of the country?

Please, if you could add my button to the sidebar of your blog, I would be ever so grateful. 

And other than that, keep up the blogging good work! I do check out your blogs almost daily to see what you write :)

Hayleigh xx

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Post of the day - Socks

Happy first of April, did you get pranked this morning?

Dean didn't prank me but I always enjoy reading the April Fools article on the front page of the ODT, this year they were saying that the council had snuck water meters into our properties and we were going to be given only 6 L of water a day and then we would have to pay for the rest. It made me laugh, they write it so well!

But today's post of the day belongs to Emma for her fantabulous post about her socks. I also love socks and Emma's one are so cute! She has a fox on them. So I decided for fun to showcase some of my socks. I tend to buy them in packs which match but there are a few solo pairs too. 

My first pair and my stripey witchy socks because they are super long.

My second pair are my fluffy pink bed socks. These are also the socks I take with me into my university exams because they make me feel snuggly and relaxed.

These next socks are my swine-flu socks. My mum gave them to me around the time swine-flu was a big deal. And the pigs are pretty cool on them.

These socks are part of a threesome. I also have them in pink and purple. They have glitter on them in the grey area which is why I love them.

Ahhh my cute lacy frilly socks. I picked these up at Glassons last year. My aunty had given me a voucher for Christmas and it was about to run out. I had been in and out of the shop all year but couldn't stand any of their clothing. Eventually Dean suggested I spend the voucher on the accessories and it was a decision I do not regret.

And finally, my sheep toe socks. I got these from the souvenir shop at Aoraki Mount Cook when I use to work there. It was around this time in my photo shoot that I realised that animals play a bit part in my socks. I also have a pair from Australia that have koalas on them. Any who, as this moment hit me, Griffin arrived and wanted to sniff my socks. Then my ducks showed up because they assume when I am outside, I am outside to feed them. So then it really did become an animal affair! Sheep, cats and ducks.

And those are a selection of my socks! Do you also love socks? Do yours have a theme too?

Hayleigh xx